Sharing visions

Getting to understand the wishes of his customers is the biggest goal. Scribbling is the best way to visualize the ideas and get everyone to share the vision.


Putting your ideas into shape

By 10:20 André already captured several ideas into a visual draft. By direct interaction, he shapes it into his customer‘s unique wish, drawing variations of the object which is to be created.


3D modeling

As a first step into the creation process, André transforms his sketches into a full 3D model. By sharing a high definition rendering, he allows his customer to enjoy a view of the final product before it is constructed.

Concept & Idea 100%
3D Modeling 75%


Getting into production

With the help of the ORLAS SUITE®, André trans­forms the virtual object into a producible part. In the 3D printing tab, a special program for the CREATOR is generated and sent to the machine.


Monitor the printing process wherever you are

While already at home, André is checking the production process wireless via the ORLAS CREATOR’s tablet controller. The userfriendly interface allows to monitor, control and modify all process parameters even during the building of the part.


Over-night production

The ORLAS CREATOR® is building the structure of the object layer by layer, melting fine metal powder with a high-precision laser to create the final geometry of the desired part. Depending on the complexity and the size of the structure, this process can take a few hours up to several days – in this case it took about 15 hours.

3D Printing Progress

Overall Progress


The morning after

The next morning and back at his studio, André opens the CREATOR’s building chamber and extracts the printed objects from the building platform. After minor handcraft finishing the final products are ready to be presented.

The creation is completed!

Start printing your own metal objects!