The advantages of additve manufacturing have led to significant adoption in the production of medical instruments and surgical implants in the medical and dental industry. The ORLAS CREATOR® is ideally suited to manufacture dental and medical products such as surgical instruments, complex mass and customized implants, crowns, caps, model castings as well as secondary structures. The technology enables cost-effective mass customization, where unique specimens or small batches can be manufactured with a constantly high level of quality.


3D printing of jewelry isn’t fiction any more – it is more or less on the verge of becoming mainstream since the look and feel of 3D printed items is almost equal to tradionally casted objects. The ORLAS CREATOR® allows 3D printing of gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals which are essential for the jewelry industry. Every jewelry designer will be able to create a final product directly from a CAD file. Economically fabricated jewelry, timepiece compo­nents, and accessories made from precious metal powder. The technology also eliminates many of the limitations of traditional casting, with complexity limited only by the jeweller’s imagination.


The aerospace industry is a main market and has been one of the earliest adopters of latest technology inventions and highest-growth sectors for additive manufacturing. High production costs and tight market conditions are only some of the challenges that the aerospace industry has to face today. This is right where 3D metal printing technology develops its full strengths: Functional prototyping up to series production, the ORLAS CREATOR® is able to crea­te components that can dramatically reduce production time, weight, production costs and part count while increasing functionality. Aircraft parts which previously were made from multiple components can now be manufactured in one step – just some of the reasons why 3D printing should be the technology to invest in for aerospace driven companies.


3D metal printing is an alternative for turning- and millwork and is among others suitable for production in lower volumes, complex forms and precision parts. The ORLAS CREATOR® enables tool-less prototyping of metal components and allo­ws the creation of complex geometries with focus on on weight reduction, operational optimization, direct digital manufacturing and a reduced use of raw materials and energy. Too­ling can now be fabricated in only a few days with minimal post-processing required, thereby reducing development costs while increasing speed to market – processings that were impossible with traditional manufacturing methods.

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